Get instagram followers without following back

The content in Instagram is divided into three types: entertainment, information and marketing. The business page must contain all types of content.

Entertainment content causes positive emotions among users, gives interesting or intriguing information, helps to have fun. It includes:

  • publications for the mood: funny and funny photos, jokes, stories and anecdotes, congratulations, popular memes, quotes;
  • competitions, rallies and marathons for engaging subscribers;
  • quests;
  • provocation.

Information posts are divided into:

  • reviews of goods, services, tools, services, etc .;
  • news: innovations of the industry, trends, ratings, forecasts, opinions of leaders;
  • Products: characteristics, comparisons, answers to subscriber questions;
  • reputational posts: regalia, certificates, business achievements;
  • “Internal cuisine”: how the company lives, mission, history, announcements, reports, production stages, demonstration of services, etc.

Selling posts are devoted to:

  • goods: its advantages, photos before and after, product offer, shares;
  • social evidence: reviews of real customers, photos with stars and celebrities, customer stories.

Content plan: how to compile

When drawing up, build on the main goal of creating page pages and the needs of the target audience. Information can be collected from the pages of competitors. To study, what publications have collected many likes and comments. Find subscriber questions and include them in your content plan as topics for posts. You can go on hashtags and find interesting and inspiring content. However, ideas for posts and photos are desirable to come up with their own and original, otherwise the page will not be in demand.

It is necessary to think over which days and at what time the greatest activity of subscribers is planned. If the page already has more than 100 subscribers, find the time by the statistics in your account. If there are few subscribers, then the universal rule is to publish from 06 to 11 am and from 18 to 23 pm. The minimum number of publications per week is 2, preferably 4-6.

If the page is promoted for a fee, launch it in advertising 3-4 days after the publication. So she will first collect the natural traffic.

The content plan is drawn up a month in advance. Advance planning saves time and supports the activity of the Instagram page. The plan should be relatively flexible in order to include urgent topics and unplanned stocks. The content should be created in advance and added via the deferred publication tool.

The content plan includes:

  • rubrics;
  • type of publications;
  • periodicity;
  • hashtag of the rubric;
  • plans for a week, a month.
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