Grow instagram followers for your business organically

How to promote an online store in Instagram yourself – 5 main stages

This section is for those who intend to promote their account themselves. Immediately I warn that the promotion of the page alone requires time and effort. We will have to work hard to create unique content and original style of presentation.

It’s good if you are not the only one working in an online store. Ideally, the promotion and filling of the account should be a special person with skills in photo processing and marketing.

The main requirements for business accounts: creativity, a variety of materials, the unity of content and themes. Do not forget that Insta is first and foremost a friendly community of people, and only then – a playground for earning. Become “your” in this community and do well.

Step 1: Create an account and fill out information

Photos in the profile – this is the first thing that will see the users who came to your page. To promote the store is logical, if the main photo is a logo of your company or the main product. Take time to decorate: the first impression of the picture is a decisive factor.

If you promote your brand in all social networks – and that’s what they do to achieve the greatest effect – make the profile picture the same for all sites. This will create a recognizable image and will work for your popularity.

The description of the online store (brand) should be concise, but informative. Be sure to include contacts, location, activity, external link to the main site. An active link should be preceded by a call to action, such as: “Click to learn more.”

Stage 2. Developing a strategy

A business plan and strategy are necessary. Determine in advance how often and on what topic you will create posts. Well, when the regularity and theme is thought out for 1-2 weeks in advance. Doing creativity every day will be tedious.

Opening the page in Instagram, you should clearly understand what the target audience of your store is and what else, besides sales, you can offer visitors. Because very few people go to Instagram with the purpose to buy themselves some goods. You must create the need for yourself in this way.

Stage 3. Publication of posts

Then we fill the page with interesting content. Similar photographs of goods are of little interest to you – dilute pictures of products with entertainment pictures. Do not be afraid to make a business fun, do not treat visitors only as customers.

And do not forget that in Instagram it is allowed to place not only photos, but also video. Short and motivating videos lasting up to 15-20 seconds also well involve subscribers. Especially if the content is original, for example, telling a short story about the internal kitchen of your business.

Experienced instragramery advise not to post more than 1-2 posts a day. Which is quite logical. If you publish more, you will get tired of coming up, and less – you will quickly be forgotten.

In this case, the main regularity. Previously, people bought a morning newspaper in a kiosk. Now they are watching the news in social networks. Try to meet the expectations of users – if they want to see something new every day, give it to them.

A few tips:

  • Use special filters of Instagram and do not be afraid to create – the more unusual and interesting the pictures, the more followers.
  • Publish only high-quality content – if you do not have time to prepare good pictures, you better miss the day: the pass-through material is of no interest to anyone.
  • Sign the photos – when, why and where they shot it.
  • Do not forget about hashtags.

Use comments – to describe the properties and benefits of products, answers to subscriber questions.
The ideal option is to hire a professional photographer (designer) and / or content manager.

Stage 4. Preparation and carrying out of an advertising campaign

Mass advertising campaign using all available network resources will attract interest to your products and increase the number of subscribers. Use targeted advertising in Instagram or the one for which you have enough money.

Alone, a large-scale marketing project will be difficult to deduce – let all the available online store employees do this.

Step 5. Analyze statistics and make corrections

Study the reach of the audience (how many subscribed), the involvement (the number of likes and comments), the number of clicks on the external link.

If the received data do not suit you, you need to make adjustments to the strategy or content. Alternatively, make the page more targeted to a potential audience or, conversely, expand the coverage.

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