How to make instagram followers request

How to promote an account in the Instagram for free – 4 useful tips

A few tips for those who do not want or do not have the opportunity to spend money on paid promotion.

Read and use in practice.

Tip 1. Use the services and programs to promote your account

There are a lot of free services on the web to promote pages in social networks. I will not advertise them – you will easily find them yourself. Not all resources are equally useful, and some are even harmful, but after reading the reviews, you can easily separate the seeds from the chaff.

In addition, some paid sites offer customers 1 to 5 days of free use of programs and applications. With each service for several days – here’s a month of professional free promotion.

Tip 2. Publish quality content

I have already spoken about this, but it’s not a sin to repeat it. Content – all the head in Instagram.

No interesting content – there are no subscribers or buyers. Even the untwisted stars of show business need quality content, otherwise users will simply ignore them.

Still important is the original style of the page – make it unforgettable, beautiful and concise. Or ask the designer.

Tip 3. Be an active user

Do not sleep and do not be a passive observer. Comment, lykayte as many posts, answer questions, engage subscribers in the discussion, be active on the pages of famous instagramerov and stars. Regularly visit the hashtags that you specify and activate in the thematic posts.

Make a series of publications about the internal affairs of your company – about what is usually hidden from the eyes of customers. Go deeper into details and details. This is always interesting, especially if filed witty and with humor.

Tip 4. Make external links

External links to the main resource lead to the online store of the most active subscribers. But do not forget that only one active link is allowed. However, if you use tags instead of links, there will be no benefit.


Advancement in Instagram is an effective method of increasing the profitability of the business and an effective marketing tool. Want quick results – use professional promotion services.

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