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Company content: what to write about

Instagram business pages are created for the purpose of promoting products or services, so publications should be linked to the topic of the page being promoted. Young brand/company for promotion of Instagram should tell and show the products, communicate its value and difference from its competitors. On the page of the famous brand it is permissible to mention the product rarely, create all the content on emotions or useful for the audience. There is no point in writing about Coca-Cola, everyone knows about it. See, how you can easily buy instagram followers and likes and promote your own account here.

For promotion in Instagram companies can:

  • share insider information: show production, upload photos from exhibitions, selfi in the style of “office everyday life”;
  • tell stories related to the creation of products, its unusual use;
  • show the application of the product or the result of the service rendered, supplement with intriguing posts;
  • publish useful materials, lifehacks on the subject of the page.

User Content: How to Involve

The content created by loyal users is especially appreciated. It is necessary to think over a plan of actions for involving subscribers of the page. When content is interesting, useful and / or causes a genuine reaction, visitors are always active. Additionally, activity can be stimulated.

Hold contests for subscribers. The easiest and most effective way is to share a photo with a hashtag. Usually such contests are timed to an event or a holiday. Another option is contests for erudition. The hotel can hold a competition for knowledge of local attractions, a flower salon – on the theme of the language of flowers, the cafe of ethnic cuisine – on the knowledge of recipes. The procedure for selecting the winner should be made as transparent as possible, in order to exclude distrust of the results.

Organize a marathon. Marathons are a popular format for uniting users. Invite bloggers or organize your own speakers, you can unite with a company with related topics. It is necessary to think over the program of the marathon, assignments for the participants and allocate the responsible officer for the conduct and control of the event. A marathon should not be done long. From five to fourteen days will be enough. The house cleaning company can organize a marathon “Awake the house after winter”, the manufacturer of children’s products – “Week of handicrafts from paper for preschoolers”, the company selling hair care products – “Five folds in five days.”

Draw prizes. Users repost the content of the page, and in return participate in the drawing of an attractive gift. Drawings are of two types: the winner is selected randomly from all participants or the winner becomes the subscriber who made the maximum number of reposts.

Text content: how to write

Each content assumes its submission of material. In Instagram, spoken language and personal submission are accepted. With subscribers it is desirable to communicate on equal terms, refer to both old friends. Instagram – positive social network. Bright emotions, original judgments, creative publications are in demand here. Forged, nagging and negative are forbidden.

The length of posts is much less than in other social networks. Ideal length – up to three sentences. When you need a long text, break it into paragraphs and publish in parts in two or three short posts. Long texts should be up to five paragraphs inclusive. At the end of the post leave a call to action: write, click on the link in the profile, leave the phone number.

Publish geo-labels and hashtags for publications. Geo-tags are needed for local business. According to them, potential customers can easily find a company.

Hashtag is a keyword or phrase with no spaces, before which the #sign is placed. Hashtag works as a link by clicking on it, the user sees all the content marked with this hashtag.

Hashtags are needed for each page and for each publication. In Instagram you can leave up to 30 hashtags, but it’s better to limit to five. Hashtags should be selected using the Websta service, which shows everyone’s popularity. If you select a hashtag from the top, the post quickly goes down because of the high competition. We recommend to take hashtags of average popularity: up to 400 – 500 thousand posts.

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