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Top 5 ways to advance into the Instagram

Before your account starts working in a plus, you need to configure it correctly. There are many ways to promote the page. I want to consider the most popular.

Use them, as well as your own authoring techniques. Instagram – a young resource: almost every day in it there is something new.

Users constantly create original methods of promotion. So everything is in your hands – I will only point out the general guidelines.

Method 1: Advertising

Instagram is easily synchronized with Facebook and VKontakte – for sure you already have accounts in these social networks. Advertise your page in Insta through other services, on the site of your online store or blog, in communities, in comments – wherever there is an opportunity.

Broader prospects are opened by paid advertising in Instagram. The cheapest thing to do is targeted advertising through various services. A good option is to post your messages in the accounts of untwisted users or Instagram stars, but this requires decent money.

Method 2. Conducting competitions and drawings

A simple and fairly effective way to get subscribers is to offer them a prize for certain actions – to make a repost, write a comment, mark friends and places in the photo.

Here is a typical example of drawing prizes (the most active give a phone):

  • Put your favorite on a specific photo.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Register on the page of the online store for an external link.
  • Make a screenshot, publish on your profile, mark on the user’s photo, add the desired hashtag.
  • To score 20 or more likes.

If the prize is really valuable, then the contest has every chance to become viral – that is, quickly gain frenzied popularity among instagrammers. Let me remind you – the audience here is more active and easy on the rise than in other social networks.

The competition is useless to run if you do not have enough followers. Or you need to strengthen it with advertising in public places and posts in other networks.

There are also more simple competitions – for example, on the page of goods for animals, play a package of cat food for the best photo with your pet. The first three places are food, the rest – 10% discount.

Method 3: The mutual

Another name for the interplay is SFS (“shoutout for shoutout” – a mention for a mention).

The method is simple and straightforward. You are advertising people on your pages, they are doing counter posts in your profile. There is an original exchange of client bases.

This is a free, effective and rather fast way to promote, however, it is more suitable for personal pages – designers, copywriters, artists. To promote a competing brand in this way, no one will be, but the adjacent direction is quite.

Method 4: Using hashtags

Hashtags are a useful and useful option. Their competent application must be mastered first. Hashtags are tags, that allow users to find all the publications on topics of interest to them.

By such beacons on your pages come new subscribers. Tags should not be too popular and widespread, otherwise your account will be lost among hundreds of others.

Follow the formula: actual tags on the topic + tags on related topics + own unique labels.

How many hashtag do to one post? Experts believe that 5 to 12 marks will be enough. If more, it will look like spam. Such a post may not be included in the search distribution of Instagram.

Method 5: Mass Following

Mass Following is a massive subscription to accounts. You subscribe to people, they subscribe in reply to you. This is done in automatic mode with the help of special applications or software. If you want, do it manually, but then be ready for the time.

Another similar method is mass-mailing. From the title it’s clear – you put your likes to other photos and video posts in bulk. More precisely, it does for you a special service. Those to whom you put a kid, go to your account to pay tribute to courtesy or just out of interest.

It’s cheap or absolutely free. But there is a limit per day – no more than 1000 subscriptions and 2000 likes.

Tip: want to achieve the greatest results in mass following – go through special training in this matter.

And one more nuance: the administration of Insta does not really welcome mass subscriptions. It is not excluded that in the near future the network owners will limit this method of promotion.

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